Happy Days 77: Gluten-free Slow-Roasted Chicken Curry

Today, I made gluten-free chicken curry in the slow cooker for three hours then transferred it to a roasting pan in the oven (to get that thick roasted quality I love in stews). I wanted to use two smallish whole chickens but couldn't find a recipe that used uncut chicken pieces, so I modified some recipes to come up with the one below. The ingredients reflect what I had on hand.

Country Explosion Reba-lutionizes Tooele County's Rep!

Source: Country Explosion Facebook Page

Author's Note: I originally wrote this as a Tooele County Concerned Citizens Facebook note but it didn't appear on the page timeline, so I decided to cache it on my blog, too.

Last night, as my husband and I cruised home to Grantsville from Reba's concert which ended another Country Explosion evening at Deseret Peak, I felt proud of what our county has accomplished with this event.

To put this in perspective...I was just in Nashville last month. Tagged along with my husband who was attending a conference at the same time as Nashville was putting on the CMA (Country Music Association) Music Festival.

Happy Days 71: Hasta la vista, Europa!

Day 16: Madrid Bajaras Airport

On our way home!

When I left Ireland, I couldn't even abide the thought of coming to the airport in a skirt. It had been rainy there, and cold. Pleasantly so, but not cozy enough for leg-baring clothes. This moment, I am sitting with Sierra at an airport cafe waiting for our flight, in a lightweight black dress, having had my fill of sun-drenched Spain.

Happy Days 70: Churros, Chocolate y Carlos III

Day 14, Palacio Real de Madrid y Toledo

Churros y chocolate

We set out at 9 for some churros, chocolate and (King) Carlos III.

Happy Days 69: Church and Tortilla de Patatas

Day 13, Madrid and Las Rosas

But first, a selfie at the Metro station

The map said 8 minute walk to the LDS Church from the Metro Station, but which direction?

Happy Days 68: Penelope Cruz and Palaces

Day 12, Madrid

Plaza Mayor

Barcelona is like a crazy teen, while Madrid is her wiser sibling, with an elegant Balenciaga dress covering up a tattoo from her wild past, so to speak.